Because of kpop

Because of kpop,
Me saying curious: oh im curious yeah
Me saying oh my god: oh my god oh my god. oh my god god.
Me saying sorry: sorry sorry sorry; baby im sorry we got the better; im so sorry but i love you
Me forever alone: heartless mindless no one who cur about miiiiii
Me saying fantastic: wow fantastic baby dance wuuuu
Me saying the best: naega jeil ja la ga
Me saying shut up: shut up and go away, now!
Me saying 'G': gee gee gee gee gee
Me saying mirror: nae geo ura geoura geoura geoura geoura
Me saying goodbye: goodbye baby goodbye!
Me ninja-ing: you better run run. you screaming ah ah ah ah ah
Me shock: oh my, everyday i shock SHOCK.
Me cheering up a friend: and can u smile?
Me saying ok: o.k girl! meoributeo balkkaji ~

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